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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Keeping It Local For Labor Day Weekend...

That means...

Spending a lazy Saturday morning eating plenty of toast slathered with butter and jam, along with fresh cantaloupe from the Grove Street Farmer's Market. Petting purring kittens. Hanging the wash out on the line. Writing out birthday cards and gathering gifts to be mailed. Writing in Izzy's Cat Journal.

Walking to post letters only to discover it is too late. Stopping for a Cucumber-Lemonade from Ahymn Espresso Bar on Jersey Ave, so cool and refreshing. Sipping it outside and people-watching. Buying bagels for lunch from Wonder Bagels, across the street. Making another visit to the NEW TOY STORE in town, Jacks. We can't keep away from their fabulous assortment of perfect toys for all ages.

Meandering back home to eat bagels, cream cheese and avocado for lunch. Sitting on the stoop awaiting A.'s return from Europe. Gardening. Taming our backyard jungle. Weeding and mowing the grass.

Dining by candle-light overlooking the garden, on pasta, with a sauce made from plump ripe yellow and red tomatoes (csa), basil from our garden, garlic, fennel seeds and olive oil.

Feeling the air cooling down as the breeze blows through the screen door. Sweet dreams. Looking forward to another easy day tomorrow.

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Amy said...

bagels with cream cheese and avocado? I'm sold!