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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Great Theater in Our Own Backyard!: Beauty and the Beast

Right here in downtown Jersey City, Art House Productions is hosting the musical,  Beauty and the Beast.

Dining in OUR backyard before the show

 Izzy and I went with friends last night and were bowled over by the talent of the young performers, as well as that of the accompanying musicians.  Katie W. was cast as BELLE and she does a phenomenal job.  The exuberance of the other performers shines through the evening.  A great opportunity for theater right in our own backyard and a perfect way to introduce your kids to the wonders of theater. Tickets may still available for tonight's performance although it seems that the others have already sold out.  If you can't catch this production, keep Art House in mind for upcoming performances.

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www.tazzadoro.net said...

Whoa-looks like you have a beautiful garden there. Isadore, rad sweater. And is that salmon and brown rice? How did you prepare?
Hope all is well too!