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Monday, March 15, 2010

Tonight's Feast: Indian Comfort Food

Late this afternoon, N. stopped by with her littlest boy to drop off this delightful meal. She stayed for a short visit and it cheered me to see her happy child.

This time, N. wowed us with a super-healthy Indian dinner. There was a Dal/Rice mix, Chana Masala, Cabbage Salad and some Paratha bread. There was even warm banana bread for dessert. How N. managed to cook all that for us with a five month old and two other young ones about amazes me. I didn't think I would be able to stomach the meal as I have been having quite a difficult time lately but she toned down the spice enough for me so that it was entirely palatable.

Izzy, A. and I all dined in the bedroom so I could stay warm and cozy in bed. We were all thankful for our dinner and as always, so grateful for the kindness of others.


Anonymous said...

I was drawn to your blog because I have a niece Izzy (Eliza) who loves to eat. I also have an aunt who survived ovarian cancer. From one fan of Izzy to another, I send my best wishes to your and your family!

Unknown said...

Sending you healing thoughts...

A Little Yumminess said...

lovely meal made by a very good friend! we are all sick here and i would be delighted if we received a food delivery like this.