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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wake me up before my blog goes...(New adventures on the horizon)

This blog has remained dormant for too long.

Why? You ask.  I can't say for sure.

I have begun many a blog post, only to leave it dangling, unfinished.  Good Eggs have been eaten.  Praying Mantises have hatched.  Each moment has a story.  Thoughts come and then they go.  New ones arise and I leave them too. And I do regret not telling many a tale.  For several months, the urge to tell tales has fizzled. Perhaps I have need to be quiet.

I started this blog in part as a way of chronicling Izzy's childhood through the perspective of food;  which I have tried to maintain throughout.  My other goal was to share how I turned the idea of raising a child who is willing to eat most things, and revel in it,  into a reality.

My eight year old Izzy, yes indeed he is now EIGHT, is a very fine eater.  He regularly orders escargot at our favorite local French restaurant, enjoys making and drinking fresh carrot juice and considers Swiss Chard to be one of his favorite vegetables.  I still love the idea of sharing tales of Izzy and his eating adventures yet I also wish to share more.

The good news is that right now I couldn't ask for more inspiration as Izzy and I have embarked upon a month-long adventure in Europe. We arrived in London on Monday, June 27th for an overnight stay at an airport hotel (something I have never done before and hope not to do again) and then a flight to Munich.  We are now relaxing in the small Bavarian town of Altotting, where we are staying with my most gracious friend Brooke and her husband, Peter Rabbit.

In the meanwhile, as I seek more blog inspiration, I wonder if I need to begin a new blog, one which will encompass more than just Izzy and our adventures.  I hope to share more than just food tales as I make new discoveries of all kinds.

And so dear readers - if there are any of you left.. I turn to you for new blog name suggestions -the sooner the better, as I do plan to keep you abreast of our latest adventures and beyond.


Amy said...

I'm so envious! Europeans know how to eat!

I'll be excited to see your new blog!

Izzy's Mama said...

Still up in the air about a new name so I will continue here for now.

miriam said...

I like your blog name. Why don't you keep it? It can encompass pretty much anything you write.

Carla said...

I like the name - you aren't finished raising him yet. This is still your adventure