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Monday, July 4, 2011

Splendid Eats In and Near Altotting: Birni's and Ming's

It has been nearly a week since we arrived in Altotting, a small village in South East Germany, best known for religious pilgrimages.  I have heard tell that the pious travel from far and wide, coming here to be magically cured - evidence of crutches left behind adorn the chapel where people pray, not far from a fountain purported to have healing powers.  I couldn't resist a dip but unfortunately have to say I haven't been magic as "the rash" persists (will come to that some other time).  In the meanwhile,  I have encountered some fine things to eat (other than Miss B's cooking), namely two restaurants, Birni's and Ming's Lounge.

Birni's, which is not actually Altotting but is instead in Neutotting (about 5 minutes away by car) is certainly a destination restaurant - worthy of far longer than a five minute ride to be sure).  They offer locally inspired and updated German cuisine - think airy foams rather than heavy sauces - in a lovely, light-filled setting, where wood, candles and flowers abound.  This is delightful experience not to be missed if you are within an hour or so.  Friendly staff only add to the perfect evening. 

Salad with crispy mushrooms from Birni's
Ming's is a more casual option but equally noteworthy.  This hip, Thai restaurant offers a nicely rounded menu of expertly sauced Thai dishes.  I thoroughly enjoyed my crisp duck with coconut curry and the other dishes looked equally tantalizing. Here too, service was warm and friendly.

Crispy Duck in Coconut Curry

Rest assured, that the next time you visit Altotting, you will be able to find something really good to eat.


Anonymous said...

Altotting sounds like Lourdes. Those people who were cured do not think they were "magically" cured. They all believe that G-d answered their prayers. Devine intervention was never your strong suit! I am sorry to hear that the rash persists. I hoped a different environment might be helpful. Say Hallo to Brooke for me!! Kisses, Lucy

Izzy's Mama said...

Altotting is like Lourdes but probably less well-known. As for divine intervention - perhaps I have received it already, just missed the rash! xo