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Monday, June 7, 2010

The Liver Cure...Liver More?..

I went in for my blood transfusion this morning. First stop was to draw blood to see if I would even need the transfusion. The results showed that my hemoglobin went up from 7.5 to 7.9 since last week. It needed to be an 8 to avoid the transfusion. I was so close. At least it was a sign that all my efforts to procure liver were not in vain.

I decided to discuss the possibilities with my doctor but she wasn't in, nor was my regular nurse so instead I spoke with the nurse in the transfusion suite and she paged the on-call doctor. They said I should just skip the transfusion and wait until I see my doctor on Wednesday. In the meantime, the doctor suggested that I eat "raw meat" until then. Now eating raw meat would not be wise as my white blood count is low and I am susceptible to infection. However I will certainly continue to eat rare liver, beef and other iron-rich foods.

My liver supply continues to grow. More liver arrived this morning, via my brother G. who brought along a large slab of beef liver from Highland Gourmet Market in Stockton. A. and I were suspicious since it was only $1.99 per lb. Is that liver for human or pet consumption? We have to wonder. Who actually eats beef liver anyway? I think calves liver is strong enough, not sure I could manage the beef. My friend Y. is on her way back from Sap Bush Hollow Farm with a package of chicken livers which are far more palatable.

As I will probably need to continue this iron-rich regimen for at least another month, I am still seeking delicate tender local, organic liver, along with clams and mussels which apparently are also extremely high in iron. If there are other foods you can recommend, send along your ideas. And until Wednesday I am attempting to double my the recommended daily iron consumption which is no easy feat.


Anonymous said...

How about some nice seaweed salads? This link says that a half cup has more iron than 3 oz of liver...


Keep well!

Izzy's Mama said...

Thanks for the link. Great website. That list is perfect! I wish they specified which "sea vegetables."

Ethan57 said...

Here's a few I found -

Greens are especially good though they tend to stink up the house when cooking. An old Southern trick is to put an onion in the boiling water. That tends to absorb the smell.