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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Cramming It All In: Part II... My Ailment

Plague Two: Sickness

Starting back in August, while my grandfather was sick, I began to feel sickly myself. My throat felt funny and I was often hoarse. I had various symptoms but the doctor was unable to figure out what ailed me. She concluded that I suffered from allergies and sent me to an allergist where I was treated unsuccessfully, given medication that sent me to the emergency room and left to wonder what ailed me. I went back to my doctor and insisted I needed to see an Ear, Nose and Throat doctor. She sent me to a wonderful woman, Dr. Sezelle Gereau, who quickly pinpointed the problem. She stuck a tube through my nose and peered down into my throat. There she discovered that I had irritation due to GERD. In my case, Silent Reflux.

When she gave me this diagnosis (about which I knew nothing), I quickly explained that I did not wish to be treated with medication. As it turned out, the doctor was trained to offer alternative treatments and she gave me a list of life-style and dietary changes to make, along with supplements that would help.

The most devastating aspect of all of this, is that my love for food, coupled with anxiety has been causing some of my troubles. Immediately following this diagnosis, I became especially careful about my eating and was less-inclined to cook. I was also rather worried. What would life be like if I couldn't savor every bite with abandon?

My preoccupations with my grandfather, my ailment and lice may have kept me from writing but at the same time, life went on. Rosh Hashanah was celebrated, Izzy's first day of First Grade took place and countless other food-worthy moments occurred.
I will elaborate in Part Three.


Amy said...

Girl, you have had some drama! The whole lice mess is enough to drive anyone to drink, isn't it?

(My daughter's stomach issues have caused her to realize how much 'crap' she was eating and her diet has been curtailed as well. For the better, but still...when somebody tells you 'no'.....)

Izzy's Mama said...

Amy: And that was only the half of it!!