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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Just Like A Kid In A Candy Store: A Visit To Papabubble

If you know me you know I am the last one to ply my child with sugary candy. But I do make exceptions and Papabubble definitely warrants one. This Soho candy shop (part of a Spanish chain) provides a glimpse into the world of candy-making, as the candy makers prepare the lollipops directly behind the counter.

It is fascinating for children and adults alike to watch as they mold and shape the warm, sweet sugary substance, handing over tastes along the way. The shop walls are lined with jars full of sugar candies, in a myriad of flavors. Our favorites were mango, pear and raspberry, and there were many others on display.

Izzy and I made a special trip there in search of some accessories for his Halloween costume.

Choosing amongst the different flavors and colors wasn't easy but since one giant lollipop will last him a lifetime, (if he even manages to finish it), I wanted to make sure it was a flavor he liked.

A visit to this shop is a great way to share the art of candy making with your children. However I must advise that although these candies are certainly lovely to behold, their one downside is that they are made with artificial dyes. I ordinarily do not allow Izzy to eat anything with dyes (especially red, as the allergist has advised against it) so he will have to savor this special treat for a long time to come.

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