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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Is There A Cure For This??? My Pantry, Exposed...

My pantry doth overflow. Cans, bottles, jars and all manner of other foodstuffs spill from its shelves. I organize it and then just days later, it falls back into an awful state of disarray. Of late, I have simply given up and each time I open the door I am met with a tumble and crash, as something lands upon my feet.

But help may be on the way, in the form of The Kitchen Cure. I have signed up for an opportunity to clean and organize my kitchen, along with 2300 others. We receive weekly assignments with instructions for cleaning each section of the kitchen. The first week I focused on the pantry and the freezer (fridge was okay).

I removed everything from the pantry and my kitchen table looked like this:

I tried to weed out items that I don't use or don't need but they were few and far between. One of the main issues with my pantry is that I use it for things other than food. I store cleaning products and Izzy's art supplies which both take up far too much space. I decided to remove the art supplies and keep the cleaning supplies until they find a new home.

After several hours of work, I returned what I could to the pantry and now it looks like this:

It may be somewhat improved but it still needs work. I am counting on the folks from The Kitchen Cure to help me out. Next up, decluttering cabinets and paring down appliances.

1 comment:

Amy said...

Mine is a heinous mess. Everything that doesn't have a place gets thrown in there. I'm going to break my neck trying to get in there some day....