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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Chicken Finger (Trouble With Cat)

I thought I was adapting nicely to having a wild creature in my house, until the other night, when Mama cat mistook my finger for a piece of chicken. In her defense, both are white, and I was holding out the morsel of chicken between my fingers. There I was thinking about how fond Mama was of chicken and how she was coming around so nicely, even allowing me to stroke under her chin as she nibbled. Perhaps I should reconsider my feeding methods to avoid any confusion and to avoid the pain.. Do you have any idea how sharp a cat's teeth are?

All was forgiven until the next day, when I received the following text from A., "Your cursed cat attacked my foot. And not in a nice way. If she does that to Izzy she is out." Apparently she thought A.'s foot was a rat. Or so he surmised. Personally I think she was defending her territory. A. had no business pacing around her safe spot.

The following night, I tempted her again with some chicken. Once again I stupidly held out a morsel, and yet again, she grabbed my finger. I think I have finally learned my lesson. The only way to feed her is out of the palm of my hand. No more chicken finger for her!

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