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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Mama Cat: Four Week Anniversary

Today we celebrated have Mama cat in our house for four weeks (well I am noting it here, no actual celebration was made). She marked the occasion by finding a true hiding place. I actually thought she had escaped. When I went to her usual spot, she wasn't there. I combed all of the rooms where she could possibly be and there was no sign. Under beds, in closets, nothing. I can't imagine where she went but 10 minutes later she miraculously reappeared in her usual spot.

My latest triumph is having her eat out of my hand while I attempt to scratch her chin. She sits on the steps and I stand below, sticking my hand through the staircase spindles.

And still the naysayers haunt me. "Let her go. She would be happier outdoors." "You won't be able to tame her unless you confine her to one room." Since there are so many schools of cat thought, I look towards the positive voices. "Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. She is better off inside. It is a rough life outside in Jersey City."

I would have to agree. Others have taken in ferals and seen them turn into lap cats. It may take two years, as was the case for S., who took in a pregnant feral and kept her, along with two kittens. Whatever the case may be, I still hold out hope for Mama.


Anonymous said...

oh keep the cat! Your story gives me hope! I've been trying for about 3 months to take in this lovely kitten that was born in (approx.) May. He (or she) was one of two kittens and was definitely the most shy of the two. Now he will come into my entryway to eat, but is quickly scared away by any sudden movements. I was so worried for him when it got very cold a couple of nights ago and tried to get him to come inside, but he just looked up at me and meowed. I think I spent about 2 hours with the door cracked open, I tried a trail of food, toys, but nothing worked. I'm working on making some sort of trap for him or calling the humane society to see if they have one I can borrow.
I already have one cat that was born outdoors (I found him near pj ryans restaurant in jc, hence his name..pj), and now he is the most spoiled, friendly cat i've ever seen. He used to hide under beds and flinch when i tried to pet him, but now he comes when I call and rolls over so I can scratch his belly.

Izzy's Mama said...

Marie: My story gives you hope? Yours sounds more hopeful. How did you catch the first one? How long did it take for him to become friendly? Have you been reading all about Mama? I have chronicled the story starting in June. We used a trap that a local cat lady let us borrow. You can get one from Liberty Humane (I think you need to leave a deposit). The best thing you can do for the outside kitty is make a shelter until you catch him. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

You're doing the right thing. I've been following mama cat's story since you first spotted her and I think she's coming around. What better place for her to be than in your warm home, eating delicious food?

She's going to grow to love it there!

Anonymous said...

I think my first cat my have been left out after he outgrew his kitten stage. He came easily to me and when I went back to get him, he came easily into a cat carrier. He took about 2/3 months to actually come and sit on our laps and let us scratch his belly. I actually was able to catch my little visitor today, just shut the door when she came into the entryway. Brought her to the vet soon after to get check out, where they confirmed she was a girl! Good luck with Mama!!