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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Cat Calls: Three Weeks With Mama Cat

Today marks three weeks since we captured Mama cat. She seems to be fully litter trained, which is a major success. She spends most of the daytime hiding out on the top floor of our house, either on a bed, or under it. She makes forays down one flight for food and to check out commotions.

Evenings are different. Nearly every night, at Izzy's bedtime, she perches on a back windowsill and meows. Each meow has a different sound. M-ow-boo, Meow-oo or just plain M-ow. Until she moved in with us, we never heard a peep out of her but now it is almost as if she is trying to tell us something.

Last night her meows were so loud and plaintive, as she peered down at her old love, the large gray and white tomcat, father of her first litter. All sorts of meowing ensued as other neighborhood cats wandered in and out of our yard. Maybe the warm weather brought them out. I was sad for Mama but have to remember that she is safer inside.

Here with us, she gets bowls of leftover turkey chunks (a real hit), smoked trout and other choice niblets. I do hope that the way to cat's heart is her stomach.. for one day we hope to be able to actually pet her. If she plays her cards right, I may just prepare some homemade cat food!

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