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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Local Chocolates: The Good, The Bad And....

I had heard tell that Hoboken boasts a few decent chocolate shops but I'd never gotten around to testing them out. After one awful experience at a Jersey City chocolatier, I wasn't in any great hurry. Besides lately I have managed to sate my chocolate cravings with Mast Brothers artisanal small batch chocolates, handcrafted in nearby Williamsburg, Brooklyn. If they are good enough for Per Se or Blue Hill, they most certainly are good enough for me.

But back to Hoboken..My husband moved his office there recently and so when it came time for him to find a birthday present for me, he researched the Hoboken chocolate scene. He even went into a few shops to sample the goods. He was not all impressed with the first spot so went off in search of better. The patrons at his second stop raved about the chocolates and though hesitant, he purchased two boxes (less than he had intended so as not to show up empty handed).

He arrived bearing two, unmarked boxes of chocolates, wrapped with ribbon. I was hopeful and curious. Why was there no sticker or store name imprinted on the boxes?

After dinner, Izzy and I unwrapped the boxes together, one full of turtles and another full of some round, heavy truffle-type candy. I didn't want to appear ungrateful, but neither box appealed. It was then that A. admitted that perhaps he hadn't chosen so wisely but decided to chance it anyway. We tasted from each box, Izzy and I laughing at the awful flavor, which he happily chomped on, nonetheless.

Meanwhile when I need a chocolate fix, I'll stick to Mast Brothers and the small stash of bars I just so happened to have purchased today, on an excursion with my friend S. If anyone would like a sample of the Hoboken delights, just let me know!

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