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Friday, June 26, 2009

Salad Simplicity: Sliced Radishes With Oranges and Olive Oil

Izzy and I escaped today's late afternoon rainstorm. Izzy pedaled furiously home as I ran clumsily along behind him.

I had entertained thoughts of dinner out but the weather squelched those. Once we were warm and dry inside, we weren't venturing out again.

I looked inside the fridge and found some beautiful radishes from our csa (how many weeks ago?) that thankfully had not yet turned to compost.

I sliced them thinly and tossed with a few sliced oranges and an orange/olive oil vinaigrette.
The were light and refreshing as a side with our pasta dinner.

6 large radishes sliced
1/4 an orange, cut into small pieces

1. Place in bowl and toss with

2 teaspoons orange juice
4 teaspoons olive oil

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