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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Broccoli soup..a collaborative recipe

On some nights, I just don't have the energy to conjure up something new for dinner because unlike normal people, I obsess over what we should have. Fortunately, tonight Izzy did it for me. After nap, we went downstairs and I inquired, "What should we have for dinner? There is some broccoli in the fridge. He replied, " I want broccoli and pasta soup!" Well so be it..I set about looking through a few recipes and he just kept saying, "It will have broccoli and pasta in it." I agreed but decided we needed to add some diced carrot, celery, fresh thyme, hot pepper flakes and tons of garlic, along with chicken stock. He set about chopping the broccoli while I diced the other ingredients. I sauteed the garlic, carrots and celery with olive oil and then added stock. Brought this to a boil and simmered the broccoli til tender. I then pureed part of this, returned to pot and then added the pasta. Though the pasta absorbed most of the liquid, I added a bit of water to remedy the matter. Izzy grated a bunch of cheddar cheese (I know, I know but we were all out of Parmigiano Reggiano since the snow has kept me from city shopping) to put on top. It turned out to be more of a stew than a soup (we may tweak it for repeat performances) but it was a belly-warming, comforting dinner, not to mention noteworthy as the boy's "first recipe." May there be many more to come.

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