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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

My Son the Fromager (Stinky Cheese Fan Part II)

Not only did we purchase the aforementioned cheese, U Bel Fiurtu,but we also bought a hunk of Montagnolo blue and some of Nancy's Hudson Valley Camembert (both of which, I might add, were served at our wedding). Izzy and I took them home with a promise of a cheese tasting ahead.

So last night after dinner, instead of dessert, we had a cheese tasting, eating from mildest to stinkiest. We had it with homemade bread made from the recipe from A Chicken in Every Granny Cart, a blog that inspires me to cook too much!

So first came the Camembert, followed by the Montagnolo, finishing with the stinkiest of all..the Corsican U Bel Fiurtu. He definitely preferred the stinky one, even eating the rind which I wasn't too keen on myself. His dad favored the Camembert while I was into the Montagnolo. Izzy seemed to take the whole thing quite seriously, until the end when he kept on eating the U Bel Fiurtu and asking me to sniff him....did he smell stinky enough?

It is my guess that he was hoping to turn into the stinky cheese man.."Run run run as fast you can, you can't catch me I'm the stinky cheese man!" I may even venture to say that he was inspired by the tale of the Stinky Cheese man, found in this book The Stinky Cheese Man (and other fairly stupid tales). Ah the power of words.

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Anonymous said...

Izzy sounds like the kind of little kid I can really hang around with. Any kid that loves cheese is a kid after my own heart. Yay Izzy!

I'm glad you liked the bread. Nigel's a genius.