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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Mother/child granny carts

Living in downtown Jersey City, without a car, can sometimes make shopping for gourmet victuals challenging, particularly in the cold weather when I don't feel like making the trek into the city. I haven't been into the city all week because the boy has been ill so I was forced to have the dreaded "Shoprite on Sunday" experience to pick up a few items to hold us over.

In any case, it may surprise you to find that Shoprite now carries a decent array of organic products, including a wide array of dairy staples, an entire organic aisle of dried and canned goods and an organic fruit and veggie section.

Braving the Sunday crowds was worthwhile because Izzy and I walked there together pushing our matching granny carts, as we have done for the past six to eight months. I have a large red one and he has a small blue one. We made quite a pair as we walked slowly down the main boulevard all bundled up. He gets a kick out of following after me and once at the store he is always so helpful putting everything into his cart. The outing was productive for both him and me. Getting him his own cart was a great way to get him excited about food shopping, something unfortunately, that most men I know don't seem to enjoy.

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