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Monday, February 26, 2007

Salmon Balmon

I have always had a predilection for salmon (or as Izzy says, "Salmon Balmon") in all of its glorious forms; smoked, grilled, baked, gravlax, even canned. I come from a family of salmon lovers and I was raised eating bagels and lox every Sunday.

So of course I am pleased to report that Izzy shares my love for all things salmon and seems especially fond of smoked salmon (or as my dad says, Novie), which I have been feeding him for as long as I can remember. He acquired the taste for it early and so far it has stuck with him..

Recently his great-grandfather introduced us to a tinned smoked salmon (Bumble Bee), something that is rarely found in area supermarkets. Great-Grandpa is so fond of this salmon that he buys out the whole shelf whenever he sees it. Sometime last year he insisted upon driving over one day to hand deliver some 20 tins to us (mind you he was 97 at the time). I imagine he gets a kick out of the fact that we share his fondness for the this surprisingly tasty, somewhat salty, smoky stuff. Which is somehow slightly reminiscent of Nova and works in a pinch when I can't get my Zabar's freshly smoked salmon fix.

Unfortunately it is only available in select supermarkets and I can't find it anywhere. Who knows what we will do when the last case of 20 tins runs out. Great-Grandpa has just moved and can no longer be our salmon delivery person. I do know they carry it at the Food Emporium in Fort Lee, N.J. so if anyone can pick up some for us...we would be much obliged. .

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Anonymous said...

Hey Lynn...
I responded to your email on the 15th...and again today. Check your junk mail folder...or maybe you have blocks on your inbox?