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Monday, February 19, 2007

Freezing cold + no car = empty fridge

This cold weather, along with the snow-covered sidewalks, sure is cramping my granny cart style. I think it has been over two weeks now since I have been out shopping in the city, which means no Whole Foods and no Greenmarket. If not for the car trip last week to T.J's and our neighborhood gourmet shop, GO - Gourmet Organic., who knows what we would have been eating.

GO has managed to save us from eating takeout on many an occasion. It is great to have around for bread - lately the baguette has been our family favorite - as well as other kitchen staples like dairy, frozen organic peas, a decent selection of cheeses, olive paste, fig jam and a myriad of other goodies. I have even heard tell that it is going to be written up in the New York Times Jersey section one of these days.

GO has also been instrumental in shaping Izzy's palate because when they first opened, they always had several cheeses displayed and cubed for sampling. When we would walk in, Izzy would hop from his stroller and make a beeline for the cheese samples, grabbing whatever morsels were put out until I had had to stop him. Blacksticks Blue has since become a favorite with all of us. Another item that also struck his fancy (and mine) was the perfectly chewy ficelle, which he loved to nibble on while sitting at the tables in front of the shop. Sadly, those ficelles are no longer available,( a story for another day) though thankfully, the baguette has become a reasonably satisfying substitute. Freshly-baked bread is a necessity around this house so I am glad we have at least two sources nearby..but you will have to wait for a future post to hear about the other one.

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