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Sunday, February 18, 2007

One cannolo, two cannoli, three cannoli, four..

Did I mention that while we were in the city yesterday, we were near Veniero's Bakery so I suggested that we stop by to pick up some cannoli. I have always had a thing for cannoli so understandably they were one of the first desserts that I allowed Izzy to try. He has probably been eating them since before the ripe old age of two. Though I did manage to keep him from most sweets before the age of 2.5 years, I was unable to keep him from cannoli, nor did I try to, since I rationalized that as far as sweets go, they figure amongst the healthier options (never mind the deep-fried cannoli shell), the filling is basically ricotta cheese and sugar. Now I used to think that Veniero's made fairly decent cannoli (and they do) but that was before I moved to Jersey City.

Back when we first moved to Jersey City, I continued to go to NYC when I needed a cannoli fix. Until, during one of my weekly jaunts to Hoboken, I discovered another tempting source for cannoli, Carlos City Hall Bakery. Each week, after completing my errands, I always made a point of stopping in for a cannoli or two. Izzy was barely eating solids at the time, so his initial taste for them must have come from my milk (which reminds me to share the whole breast milk and taste theories later.) When he was finally old enough to show an interest, I broke down and gave him a small sample. It was all over after that. I couldn't eat cannoli without sharing with him. His love affair with cannoli had begun. I couldn't help but grin when we would get to the counter and he would say "cannoli"...The counter staff would always seem perplexed that this little being would be requesting cannoli rather than cookies.

So yesterday's cannoli purchase provided fodder for an impromptu cannoli comparison.."Mama, these cannoli aren't the same as the ones from the Hoboken bakery. They aren't as messy." Indeed he had a point. The shells on the Hoboken cannoli are flakier (read tastier) and hence crumble more. I might also add that the filling is creamier. He noted that the filling from Veniero's had green candied tidbits on the ends, as well as chocolate chips, while the ones from Carlos' had white bits. I myself, couldn't remember. I guess that the next step is a side-by-side test taste though for me, Carlos is already the winner.

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