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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

More O's woes

So there I was thinking my boy was safe in a healthy O's haven when at bedtime I hear this.."We had O's for snack today...they were pink and white and very sugary. I ate them."

O woe is me. I can't even begin to start ranting about why other preschool parents want to feed my child and theirs, sugary snacks in the early morning. Don't they know anything about brain food? What are pink O's? Somebody please enlighten me.


M's Mami said...

Well, I finally have a nutritional notch over you :-) The first time I ever saw them dispesing the florecent O's from a bulk-sized jug (no doubt from BJ's) at Madi's nursery school I immediately asked them never ever to give her any food that I had not brought in for her no matter what. So despite your horror at my giving Madi fat free yogurt at Ikea the other day and at letting her play in the germ pool, as you called the ball pit, I am happy to report that her insides do not glow in the dark from a dosage of florecent O's.

sarahc37 said...

Pink O's -- must be fruit loops. Now you're in trouble -- he has tasted the forbidden fruit!! O-NO!!!