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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Who says we aren't carnivorous by nature?

It was a late night with lamb leg around our house. Okay since the boy napped from 3-6 and I had to wake him! I was eager to finally cook the small leg of lamb I had purchased a few weeks ago from 3-Corner Farms at the Union Square Market (a weekly stop for us on the greenmarket circuit and certainly merits a whole post some other time) and I decided to marinate it yesterday to cook tonight, even though that would mean my child wouldn't eat dinner til about 9:30 (how very European of us) which is usually his bedtime

I gave him some pierogi around 8 to tide him over and set to work on the mashed potatoes and brussel sprouts. As he started to smell the lamb sizzle, he hopped off of his high chair and said, "I'm done with these pierogi. I am going to wait for the meat." When the meat was done and resting on the cutting board, he inspected it and asked, "Where do the juices come from?" I said that they came from the blood and fat. As his father began to cut it, Izzy saw that some parts were more well done and others were red and juicy. He then announced, "I would like the red juicy parts." I thought he was joking, Not even I eat the red juicy parts, I prefer mine to be pink.

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