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Saturday, March 3, 2007

Broccoli Soup Redux

Since the mediocre broccoli and pasta soup was a hit I figured I would try to make another version of broccoli soup, one for which there actually was a recipe. I chose the recipe for Creamy Dreamy Broccoli soup from another kid food blog I discovered. Not only was it already kid-tested but it was simple to make and looked yummy. It would be a perfect addition to a spinach with goat cheese salad dinner. Or so I thought.

I should have known that when I had to coax Izzy into helping chop the broccoli (he usually jumps at the chance) that things might not go my way tonight. I prepared the rest of the ingredients, sauteeing the onion etc, and then simmering the soup. I then whizzed it in the blender 'til smooth. Indeed, it was creamy and delicious. I set it aside and went off to do other things.

I knew it was time for dinner after the fourth, "I'm hungry bungry," out of Izzy's mouth. We went down to the kitchen and I cut up some bread and served him a bowl of soup. Well he barely touched it. I on the other hand had sampled so much I couldn't eat any more so I nibbled some bread, as did he. When I asked why he wasn't eating it, he replied, "It doesn't have pasta in it." Then he said he was finished and left the table, after having eaten about one teaspoonful of soup and a slice of bread. Odd? YES.

Back in the kitchen about 10 minutes later he started to request dessert. I said (just as my grandmother must have said before me), "No dessert unless you eat your soup." "I don't want any soup." "Okay well then you must not be very hungry." He comes back to the kitchen and plays a game. After he puts it away, he returns to the kitchen. So then I try again. "Would you like some soup now?" "Yes."
He finally sat down and had a cup of soup. He said it was yummy and he didn't even eat dessert.

If at first you don't succeed...

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