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Sunday, March 11, 2007

From Truck to Taqueria to Times

Another Jersey City venue makes the New York Times. Yippee for Taqueria. We have been lusting for its tacos since its inception. This taco joint is no Taco Bell and we can all be thankful for that. It is a great spot to bring kids for it is both cheap and casual. Go for the pork tacos..one heaping portion of flavorful shredded pork stuffed into a double taco for only $2.50. Stick around to try the other varieties, including salted beef, fish and lamb. There are a host of other things to choose from on the menu like Pozole (hominy and pork stew).

I had to go tonight, after reading the review in today's paper. I told Izzy, "Tonight we are going to Taqueria." Reply? "I want Vietnamese." "Sorry, we had Vietnamese last time. This time Mama and Papa get to pick." "I don't want to go out." Hmmm..."Well we are going." "Okay, can I have the rice and beans?" "Of course you can.." To myself..Just let me have my pork taco and you can have whatever you'd like!!

p.s. He ate rice and beans, sampled the pork tacos and shared some flan for dessert.


Anonymous said...

very amusing blog! thanks for the link. Despite your healthy recipes, etc... I'm gaining weight just reading it. saw your boy in the park this weekend and thought what a lucky little guy whose mama loves good food so much and has time to make it!

Izzy's Mama said...

Thanks for reading, happy to entertain. Hope you get some tips..oh and I. seemed to have a ball with A. He told me they were building a campfire.