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Monday, March 12, 2007

Odd But Easy Lunchfare

Uh oh..it was Sunday night and I was looking at an empty fridge. What was I going to pack in Izzy's lunch bag? Look to the freezer..oh joy, one frozen sliced bagel from the city..saved. I took it out to defrost overnight. A seed had been planted.

And in the morning, a lunch was born.
Bagel with cream cheese, capers, grape tomatoes and olive paste.

The inspiration comes from a snack that R. prepared the other day: mini-bread slices with cream cheese and capers. Since my boy spoons up capers by the mouthful, I knew this lunch would be a hit.

And do note his nifty, eco-friendly lunch bag from Mimi the Sardine. Bugs sure beat t.v. characters in my book.

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