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Monday, March 19, 2007

Pre-Cut Apples: An abomination in the fruit department

It started out innocently enough. Two friends on a morning excursion to Trader Joe's, while our boys were at school. Now granted we are two friends who shop quite differently, yet nevertheless we both share the love for T.J's in general.

So there we were, on the fruit aisle when D. picked up a bag of pre-sliced apples. I thought it was a joke. Perhaps she was inspecting the bag with the same disgust that I would have, curious about the contents. But no, she was examining the bag for purchase. I had all to do to keep myself from running away, shrieking. Instead I thought I might get inside the mind of a person who thinks nothing of buying such an item. Had she lost all of her knives (or marbles)? Her reply was, "They come sprayed with lemon juice. So I don't have to do this myself."

HOW CAN YOU TEACH A CHILD TO APPRECIATE WONDERFULLY CRUNCHY APPLES IF YOU SERVE THEM THESE??? How can they possibly be at all palatable? Would you want to eat those apples? The Green Market is two blocks away...All these thoughts went racing through my mind but I tried to maintain my composure. After all, D. is my friend (opposites attract?) and a good one at that. So I just said something like, "Well, I suppose that's what makes the world go round."

Now D. has been responsible for introducing me to some T.J's prepared foods that I ordinarily eschew. In this instance, I hope to sway her to seeing things my way. A good apple is something of wonderful purity. A soggy, pre-sliced one cannot at all compare. Send your child some other fruit at lunchtime and serve apples fresh, at home!

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Anonymous said...

oh the humanity! good thing they sell beer and wine at TJ's ... it may be the only way to calm my nerves over this abomintaion! for the same reason I dry my own grapes to make raisins. imagine, buying dried fruit! I will have to have a word with D. ;-)