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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Strudel Mania: Revisiting an old haunt

Nostalgic for my old NYC neighborhood, we stopped in at Poseidon Bakery on Ninth Avenue (45th Street). How could I have stayed away for so long?

The apricot-cheese strudel, my particular favorite, was warm from the oven. I had to have that but also couldn't resist the savory pies - Spanokopita and their Kreatopita (meat pie with leeks), both encased in their perfectly flaky phyllo dough. The owner also persuaded me to buy some type of custard-filled phyllo creation which was also warm from the oven. By the time I walked out the door, my bag was full. We sampled the custard treat in the car (sorry for the mess, R.) and I deemed it to be too sweet, though Izzy didn't seem to mind.

When we got home I broke open the box and served up the savory pies. Izzy ate about half of the Spanikopita, a few bites of the Kreatopita and then announced that he was done with lunch. I hesitated a moment before finishing his and mine, forgetting that sometimes he comes back for more.

Boy did I feel awfully gluttonous when, an hour or so later, he came around pouting, "Where is the pie with the green stuff? I want to finish it." I replied, "I thought you were done with lunch. You can have the dessert strudel." "What about the meat pie?" "Uh, I ate that too and put one in the freezer." "I'll take some of the apricot-cheese then". And so he did, but he seemed forever interested in finding more Spanikopita.

How could I have been so remiss? I thought for sure he would want the dessert strudels. I didn't mean to gobble up his lunch and most of his dessert. Did I mention that I ate up all of the apricot-cheese too? Next time I will save some. I promise.

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