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Friday, March 30, 2007

Day of the Dumpling

My boy is sick, again. This is now Izzy's fourth illness in the past five weeks. I took him to the doctor only to discover that he has what she called, "early pneumonia". This was clearly not a day for cooking, at least not for me. Besides, Izzy didn't seem to have much of an appetite, even though he kept claiming to be hungry.

It was well past lunchtime when we left the doctor's office, although Izzy didn't seem especially ravenous. On our way home from the appointment we had to pass Rickshaw Dumpling Bar on 23rd Street so I suggested a stop there. Decent, wholesome and fast food. These are my favorite type of dumpling, in that they have translucent wrappers. We had the vegetarian option (seasonal greens with a kick of wasabi) and the Peking duck with scallions. Izzy had a couple of bites of each, leaving me with far too many dumplings to consume. At least I completely forgot to order the chocolate dessert dumplings, which I definitely recommend.

Back at home, he took an ultra-late nap, waking at seven. He said he was hungry and wanted pierogi for snack. He usually snacks after nap and was confused because it was actually nearly time for dinner. I made him a plate of both cheese and potato pierogi. Once again, he ate a few bites and that was all. I took a bite of a cheese one and wondered how many dumpling-like foods could I eat in a day. Apparently many more.

At around 8:30, A. and I decided to order some Chinese food. I shared a wonton soup with Izzy, who once again, had only about two bites before announcing he was full. Wontons are in the dumpling family..I only ate two of those but did manage to eat some pea shoot/shrimp shumai, which fall into the dumpling category too.

I shouldn't have allowed it to happen and on any other day I wouldn't have. So for now let's just say, I'm temporarily done doing dumplings..I wonder how Izzy feels?

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