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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mama Comes Home: Cat In The Bathroom

Izzy and I have moved. Out of our bathroom that is. Mama has taken over and we now have to share a bathroom with A....

I took Mama to the vet this morning, thanks to my friend H. She remained there throughout the day so that she could be spayed and receive other necessary shots and treatments. The good news was that she meowed this morning, a sign that she might not be as feral as we thought. It was a pitiful meowing, but a noise nonetheless.

When it came time to pick her up, my friend S. and Izzy's friend T., were kind enough to take us. The trip back was uneventful, no noises, no wriggling. Once home, I immediately put her in the bathroom. When I opened the trap she darted under the bathroom cabinet and then did a quick perusal of the room. I feared she would bolt for the door but instead she found a perch on the windowsill, where she could survey her old domain.

Considering all that she has been through, she seems rather calm but that might just be the groggy aftermath of her surgery. I left some water with some calming drops, (Rescue Remedy) for her and we have been peeking in at her from time to time. A. even sat and read to keep her company.

Through all of this excitement I neglected to think about dinner for Izzy and I had to whip up a quick zucchini omelet. He complained that he didn't want it but eventually gave in. He was hungry and it was warm.

Meanwhile, Mama is safe, sound and warm. The question is: Will she be content?

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