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Friday, May 15, 2009

Just Another Day In New York City: Cafe Sabarsky, The Whitney and Central Park

I am weary. Fatigue and seasonal allergies have kept me from posting for the longest stretch ever. If only I had one of these to soothe...

This giant ice pack (surreptiously photographed at the Whitney) is a Claes Oldenburg original. We went to see the exhibit on Friday, with Izzy's friend T., who is related to the artist. The show includes some larger than life pleather items, including French Fries "with a splat of ketchup" (Izzy's words). These pieces are sure to amuse and T. could not keep from touching them, as she had previously been allowed to do so. You try telling the museum guards that...

Our visit to the museum was preceded by a lunch at Cafe Sabarsky, my stand-by in the neighborhood, where the spatzle is nearly always a hit. Though not so much with Izzy's friend T. who only deemed the toast worthy of eating.. Picky eater boot camp awaits!

We followed our museum visit with a trip to the 72nd Street playground, where T. terrified her mama when she climbed the spiderweb.

T.'s mama was weary after that so they left and we stayed on, to sail the remote control sailboats nearby. Somehow we ended up crossing town for a fix of Grom. By then we were too exhausted to stay in the city for dinner so we dragged ourselves home.

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Amy said...

I needed picky eater boot camp a couple years ago, dang it! My whole family are adventurous eaters....except for the youngest. It's a burr in my chaps, I tell you.