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Friday, May 1, 2009

Sugar Smack...Doughnuts For Snack

A similar issue came up at a neighborhood school, earlier this school year. My friend L. was appalled to find that her three year old was being fed doughnuts for breakfast and the staff defended this choice. Reason enough to switch schools, which she eventually did, for that and other reasons.

Never did I imagine that I would encounter a similar problem yet just the other day, Izzy informed me that his snack consisted of "these round doughnut things, kind of like bagel buttons but softer". Now I can forgive doughnuts for one snack during the week but when the next day came and he told me that doughnuts were on offer again, I became a tad less forgiving.

Of course switching schools is entirely out of the question, as we love Izzy's school. What makes this situation particularly sticky is that at Izzy's school, parents provide the snack. To what extent can the school monitor the snacks brought in? Parents are encouraged to provide "healthy" snacks but apparently healthy is interpreted quite loosely.

Thinking ahead to next year I ask, what is a health-conscious mama to do?

p.s. I am not opposed to all doughnuts. Say if you wanted to bring an occasional doughnut from here, you would find no opposition on my part!


Amy said...

I wonder how the teachers feel about a large group of wired 3/4 year olds. yikes.

It can't be that hard to pick out a banana muffin instead of a doughnut....

Izzy's Mama said...

Amy: One would think! But these days mass-produced banana muffins are probably not much better than doughnuts!