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Monday, May 4, 2009

Tea For How Many??

Tea for two, Two for tea... No, no, no.. That's just a song. The reality is that I am always making teas but rarely now for two, more likely for three and most of the time for four or more. Once upon a time there were those bridal teas for 30 and other assorted affairs. But since then , the teas have been for more manageable numbers.

Then came the Teacher's Tea, during Teacher Appreciation week, which started out modestly enough, with tea being for something like 5 or 7 when Izzy first started school. Simple to whip up, with just a bit of assistance. Then last year, the numbers grew and this year I was more than a bit surprised to find out I would be making tea for 17. Seemed daunting but working as a team with, S. and D., we turned out a lovely spread. H. brought along the same gorgeous cake she made last year and I was on scone duty.

Teacher's Tea Menu

Assorted tea sandwiches

-egg salad
-tuna salad
-cucumber/cream cheese/ mint
-chicken salad


Blueberry-Buttermilk Brown Sugar
Apricot-Brown Sugar
Chocolate Chip Orange

Cakes and Cookies

1 comment:

Amy said...

apricot scones sound yummy!! ooo - with some raw sugar on top!