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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Milk Mystery (At least Izzy knows what is in our fridge)

I was hosting a La Leche League meeting this morning in my home. I typically serve tea and scones at the meetings and today was no different. During the meeting, I got up to pour some milk into a small glass creamer, to accompany the Vanilla-Black tea I was serving.

When I opened my fridge, I saw a blue carton of Organic Valley milk, one of the brands I usually buy. When I lifted it out of the fridge, I noted that it was full and I clearly remembered just having thrown out a carton only yesterday. Not only that but could see I had a full yellow carton of Stonyfield Farms milk, standing right behind it.

I was confused. How could a full carton of milk gone unnoticed in my fridge? I opened the blue carton and unsealed the plastic tab, poured it out and feeling somewhat puzzled, returned it to the fridge. I had to get back to the meeting so didn't have time to ponder the mystery.

Later on this afternoon, when Izzy arrived home from school, I went to make him a banana milkshake. I opened the fridge only to discover that the blue carton of milk had vanished. I looked in the freezer. I looked in the pantry. I looked behind everything in the fridge. When I explained the story to him he said, "We bought the yellow carton. That is the only one we have." Yet I knew I had used the blue carton in the morning. He insisted this was impossible and so as not to appear too crazy, I dropped the case and was simply left wondering as to the fate of the supposedly invisible blue carton of milk. Had I misplaced it? Had the cleaning ladies accidentally dumped it? Was I simply going mad? The answer lay in an email I received this evening..

In a sense, I had lost my mind.. Here you will see why...

"here's an odd question: the milk that i bought today at basic foods (the carton
i left in your fridge during the meeting) is open and unsealed. i wonder if i
could've taken your carton of milk by mistake (it's organic valley 2 percent),
but i doubt you would've gotten yours at basic foods in hoboken. i wonder if
it's possible that someone during the meeting may have opened my carton and used
it for tea. i don't care, of course. i just don't want to drink this unless i
know who opened it.

I called C. immediately after reading the message and we both had a good laugh. At least I wasn't entirely crazy and at least she got to drink her untainted milk!

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