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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Orange Confusion: What is a slice?

Today was "Field Day" at Izzy's school. The class walked over to a nearby baseball field and the children hopped and bounced from one activity to the next. Bubble blowing, faux egg toss, and real water balloons were the highlights.

Parents were asked to contribute watermelon or "orange slices" as a snack. When I read the email I thought it funny that they wanted orange slices but liked the idea and do love serving oranges in that manner. Sliced orange rounds are a fun way for kids to eat oranges. So I sliced a bunch of oranges as seen above and brought them to the field.

There I discovered other interpretations of sliced oranges. Some moms brought in orange segments.

Still others brought in oranges cut into quarters or eighths.

And so I ask, what did the email writer imagine when she requested orange slices and what image comes to your mind when you imagine an orange slice?


Unknown said...

She meant the quarter/segments...

Amy said...

I'm with you - I would have SLICED.

Izzy's Mama said...

This just in from Diane:

I'm with you. We always called slices of orange, "Passover oranges." Our first year in Brooklyn, someone gave us half a case of oranges. I sliced them that way and you're right, it's fun to eat them that way. They may even taste better as more surface of the orange has been cut into.
I call the next picture, SECTIONS, and your last picture, QUARTERS or CHUNKS.
There ARE seperate words for each type of cutting....the emailer should have been more specific!

Izzy's Mama said...

Jessica: Could be but I took "slice" literally.
Amy and Diane: Glad I am not the only one to have interpreted it that way. And you are right, I prefer to eat them that way because they seem less chewy.