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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Wild For Egg: Cat Feast On The Garden Wall

Miss Fang is somewhat safely installed with her kittens in a neighbor's back garden, directly adjoining our stone wall. She comes around several times a day, in search of food. A nursing cat and kittens certainly do consume a ridiculous amount of it. They have been going through 3-4 cans a day. Izzy and I place the food inside one of the concrete blocks and the family comes to feast.

Along with their usual meals today the cats received a treat. At lunchtime, Izzy requested an egg over easy. After I had cracked the egg into the pan, I noticed it had some streaks of blood in it. Even though I know there is nothing wrong when an egg contains a speck of blood, I generally can't bear the thought of eating it, nor do I want Izzy to. Instead of wasting the tainted egg and throwing it away, I gave it to Miss Fang. There was a cat pile up on the wall as they all tried to get a taste of egg. Clearly there was far more interest in the egg than in the cheap cat food we have been feeding them.

Maybe there is something to preparing homemade cat food...a thought that continues to intrigue.

p.s. In the next few days, I may very well be trapping this cat family. Right now there are 5 kittens and they are awfully adorable. I may be fostering them so let me know if you are interested in adopting one!

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