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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Your Moose Is In The Mail...Part I


Having a blog does have its perks I suppose. And this week has been a banner week. From discovering local honey to Alaskan moose meat, I simply can't complain.

It happened like this. Last year, I received an unexpected email from B., probably my only blog fan in Wasilla, Alaska. We continued to correspond sporadically and she mentioned her penchant for moose meat. She also expressed her desire to share this staple of her diet with me, the next time she had a moose on hand. I was intrigued yet frightened by the offer and nothing ever came of it.

Until a few weeks ago, when I received yet another message from B. once again offering up some moose meat. I was more intrigued than ever but worried that it would be prohibitively expensive to ship and raised my concerns. The following was B.'s reply:

But of course I am serious about the Moose. This years moose is the best. I will send you some burger and pot roast. You can't get better burger. And Moose stew.... where would we be without moose stew? (Really, where would we be!!!)

This was most definitely an offer I couldn't refuse so I sent along our address and wondered if it would actually happen. This morning I awoke to a message, the essence of which was, " Be on the lookout. Your moose will be arriving today, before 3 p.m."

I actually had the moose delivered to our p.o. box so off I went at 2 p.m., ready to hunt down my moose which was patiently awaiting my arrival inside a white USPS box, still miraculously frozen, even without dry ice. Once opened I found three packages of chopped meat and a small roast. It is now resting safely in my freezer, its next fate, as yet unknown.

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