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Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Vows: One Broken, One Kept

Four years ago, we made a vow never to travel very far on Thanksgiving (and other holidays). This came following a less than stellar taxi ride to my dad's house and our difficulties locating a taxi for the return trip home during a torrential downpour. The following year, in keeping with our plans, we held Thanksgiving at our house. My overambitious menu left me exhausted and stressed. That year, I vowed to keep future meals simpler. Last year, I kept to both vows. We took the train to my friend L's house for the holiday, where I simply contributed a few dishes to the meal, making for probably the calmest Thanksgiving ever. Perhaps it was because we didn't have to worry about anything like this.

This year, I had every intention of making Thanksgiving chez moi but as the day drew nearer, and I grew sicker, my certitude turned to indecision. Even though I dragged my cold-infested self over to the New Amsterdam market, last Sunday, in hopes of still procuring a turkey, I was only slightly disappointed when I didn't find one. Fate had spoken. I was not meant to make Thanksgiving this year. My potential guest list was quite short and friends convinced me my health was more important. I did not need to be roaming the streets in search of the perfect heritage bird, even if I did get better by Tuesday ( I did not).

And so I did break the vow of Thanksgiving travel, though this time with Zipcar. We went to my dad's for a brief spell, enough time to sample the birds, deep-fried and roasted. Yes, my stepmother L. manages to put two birds on the table wherein I have enough trouble getting one bird on time. Her secret? Preparing all of the side dishes the day before; something I hope to try next year. And as for the birds? I can't give an adequate comparison as my sense of taste is on hiatus. All I noted was that the roasted one was saltier.

Along with the birds there were the usual sides, potatoes, sweet and mashed, stuffing, Brussels sprouts and such. Izzy made the cranberry mold which we brought along and I made some cookies which I will post soon. The highlight of Izzy's day was raiding the basement, as there is a closet full of all of my sister C.'s old toys. Each time we go, Izzy makes a new discovery. This time he left with a crystal-making kit. Turned out to be exactly what he needed for entertainment today as my nagging sickness just won't go away.

And so, in my post-Thanksgiving daze, I am thankful that we managed to get home by 8:30, just in time for Izzy to go to bed. I am thankful for the friends who kept me from cooking and my stepmother for doing all the work instead.

I have already clipped a few new recipes for next year, and hope to test them out soon so I can keep both vows when the time comes (unless of course we forgo the feast for the parade and dinner out!).

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