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Thursday, November 13, 2008

From A Reader In Wasilla...

You can bet my eyes grew saucer-like when an email appeared in my inbox from a reader in Wasilla. I mean the Wasilla, hometown of Sarah Palin. I didn't even realize I had a reader in Alaska and when I saw Wasilla I thought it must be some sort of joke, given the countless times I have relished watching this.

This email, a response to my post about far-flung readers, made my day. So surprising to find that readers, so different from me, take an interest in what I have to say. According to Barb, who cares for her five year old grandson:

"Our views are worlds apart, but I have never been to New York and I like to see/hear about the shops, parks and restaurants you get to visit."

What I found even more fascinating was Barb's inside view of the food world in Wasilla:

"Dining and take out here in Wasilla Alaska ( an hours drive north of Anchorage) gets you boring and downright terrible food. I can make it much better myself so I am always looking for new dishes to try and cook at home. The seafood here is indescribable. I have caught a King salmon on Sheep Creek and then cooked it in my cast iron skillet over the camp fire and I have never had anything better. I am also lucky to have friends with boats and have caught Alaskan Pink shrimp just in the bay in Whittier ,they were as big as a Pepsi can and we cleaned and cooked them on the boat and it is the sweetest treat you can imagine. Now I am in a soup making frenzy and I am looking for new soups to try. It is cold and snowy here so the soup/ stew- warm things phase will last awhile! I love my 2 weeks off each month and get to do anything I want."

So to Barb:
I thank you for speaking up; as hearing about you and your life inspires me to continue writing about mine. Please do send more comments and I would love to know if you do actually cook moose and how it tastes. I imagine it being akin to venison. If you do cook venison, perhaps you have a recipe suggestion to share. Looking forward to words from other readers, wherever you may reside.

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Smashley said...

I was in Wasilla in March (my dad is from Anchorage) and it sure has beautiful views.

Alaska is amazing, you should make sure to vacation there sometime.