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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Jersey City: A Culinary Destination?

Jersey City has been our home for almost three and a half years. We have watched sadly, as Izzy's first friends have come and gone. Some have moved so far away we have yet to see them again. Others, however, have found new homes in nearby suburbs. They are so close in fact, that the magnetic pull and allure of Jersey City's own local cuisine, lures them back, time and time again.

One friend, A., rhapsodizes over the fish tacos from Taqueria, while another, J., heeds the call of 2nd Street Deli, an old-time Italian joint serving mammoth sandwiches at tiny prices. Whatever it is they may crave, we rejoice for two reasons: 1. We get to see them more frequently than we might have imagined. 2. We still live here, amidst these culinary treasures.


boogaloo dude said...

i share your sadness about neighbors/friends leaving town. i don't get out enough. i haven't heard of either place you mentioned, and i love mexican food. in fact, i think i need to go to california just to get some.
i do notice a diff in milk, btw; it was unfortunate that during that taste test, the milks were very similar!
be well.
elizabeth solaka

Izzy's Mama said...

Elizabeth: You must certainly try Taqueria. I have written about it a few times. In fact we went there last night. Cheap and yummy..It is all the way at the other end of Grove..makes for a nice walk in warm weather.

Bean's Mum said...

And "A" was in JC again today and had to fight thoughts of Taqueria hard and fast so we could drive home for homemade pesto and feta pizza. (My inner foodie escapes!)

Remember on one of the last cooler or windy days to stop and purchase warm nan for $1.00 at Shadman and eat it as you walk home...

I will think of that warm nan sadly as I walk back from my local...Carvel...!?!?