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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Kids Love To Pick Their Own

Fruit and noses (although the noses are for another blog) . After all, doesn't everyone? I figure that picking must satisfy the hunter gatherer in all of us.

Picking fruit had been on the top of my to do list for awhile now, so when I read about this "Read and Pick" program at Terhune Orchards I decided it would make for a perfect picking introduction for Izzy.

So a week or so ago, we piled into my friend H.'s car, off to Princeton, NJ which is so much further away than I thought, particularly with squabbling little ones in the back seat. Our mission was to pick our own cherries.
We arrived just in time for story time (which seemed rather superfluous for older children, probably fine for the three and under set though). The cherry orchards were the real draw. With trees with branches low enough for even two year olds to reach it is ideal activity for all ages.

After an hour or so of cherry picking, riveting fun for all, we took a break for a picnic and some pheasant and fowl chasing. When that was over we wandered over to pet some horses and check out the small market on site.

The children were smitten with the picking bug and requested more time for strawberry picking. This also proved quite satisfying, as we hunted for the perfect berries under the leaves. We had to tear them away from the strawberry fields because we needed to get back to the city (poor planning on my part). This is definitely an all day excursion and we hope to return.

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