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Friday, July 18, 2008

Solving Sushi Sadness: The Vegetarian Option

Izzy and his undying love for sushi continues, unabated. He continues to beg for it and we continue to not to eat it. Tonight we had a change of heart and discovered a surprisingly agreeable solution. Vegetarian sushi for all.

We scooted on over to a nearby sushi spot, Sushi Tango, nothing spectacular, just your basic sushi stuff. We ordered two vegetarian sushi platters, seaweed salad and cold tofu. A dinner so virtuous I could justify finishing one entire chocolate chip cookie.

The sushi platter included a cucumber asparagus roll along with assorted sushi pieces like raw asparagus, cucumber matchsticks, stuffed tofu skin, mushroom roll and some assorted tasty yet mysterious offerings. Izzy wanted to try everything and was so enthralled to be eating in a sushi restaurant he didn't seem to miss the fish at all. Neither did I.. (well maybe a smidge).

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