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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Stopping For Blueberries Along The Way: Journey To Long Beach Island

Not quite a tradition yet but this is our second year taking Izzy to Long Beach Island. It is not that far away but seems an eternity for those of us without a vehicle. At least we had our friends L. and T. to pick us up at the train station and drive us the bulk of the journey. They always take the back roads and find side trips to add to the scenic journey.

Yesterday, as we wound our way past horses and pick-your-own stands, L. asked, "Would you like to stop at Emery's and go blueberry picking?"

Emery's?? Could this be the same Emery's that my friend A. told me about.. "UH.......YES.. " I would have to be insane to turn down that offer.

I had no idea this place was on the way to the beach. What a wonderful coincidence since my friend A. had promised to take me for my birthday and it hadn't worked out.

As wee pulled up and emerged to stretch our legs, we were met by the intoxicating aroma of sweetened blueberries wafting out of the market building. Inside, the market was exploding with all things blueberry. There were all manner of pies, doughnuts, jams, syrups and of course fresh berries. Plenty of other things as well, too numerous to mention.

Aside from the market, there were a couple of goats to pet and blueberries ripe for the picking, not necessarily enough activity to merit a special trip from afar but definitely a fruitful side-trip.

Apparently my friends L. and T. have been stopping there for years picking up pies along the way. All we bought were berries and jam since I had heard tell that my sister's boyfriend C. was having the baking bug and all sorts of fabulous desserts were on offer there.

He ended up using the blueberries I bought to make this fabulous-looking lattice top Blueberry-Strawberry pie.

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