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Sunday, July 20, 2008

A First For Everything: Izzy Went To McDonald's

Thank G-d it was only to use the bathroom and even that was distressing for me.

We were on our way home from a long, tiring day at the beach. We had gotten off of the New York Waterway Ferry at Pier 11, after an hour long ride from Breezy Point (Fort Tilden - Far Rockaway). I was too seasick to get into a cab so we trudged along, sand-covered and sweaty, through the Wall Street area. Just as we were nearing, WTC, Izzy announced that he needed to go. A. and I glanced around for an appropriate spot and that was the closest. We had no choice. I dispatched A. to take him and I watched them enter, fearing the worst. Would Izzy suddenly become interested in what was inside? Would he suddenly start demanding chicken nuggets? Would that awful fried smell become instantly appealing?

Thankfully I only had a brief moment to contemplate the worst as they emerged in under two minutes, seemingly unscathed. I remarked to A. that I had managed to make it to the age of 18 before ever going inside a McDs.. He seemed to think that was rare...Is it really?

Just curious if you remember your first fast food experience? What age and where?

p.s If you are looking for an NYC beach excursion, this could be the one. The ferry ride to Breezy Point is a scenic one (provided you don't feel seasick). It costs only six bucks one way and as an added bonus you get to see all of Olafur Eliasson's Waterfalls along the way (not to mention other quintessential New York scenery. Be sure to pack plenty of food and a beach umbrella as there are few amenities to be found. On the bright side, the water is clean and there are plenty of shells and sea creatures to examine.


Anonymous said...

My mother didn't keep soda or sugar cereals in the house....but she liked her Whoppers. I fondly remember our occasional trips to Burger King. They probably began when I was five or so. I recall barely being able to finish half of one of those dinky burgers and licking the salt off my fingers after each crispy French fry and sipping a Dixie cupful of chocolate milkshake that my mother poured from her big cup.
These excursions have clearly shaped my current feelings toward fast food. Generally, I'd prefer a big salad with sliced avocado and a hunk of crusty multigrain bread. But every now and then, while walking to the 9th St. PATH, I'll slink into McDonalds, order a small chocolate shake, and savor it on the way home. No Whopper, thanks.

Anonymous said...

I was about 10 or so, it was a McDonalds in DesPlaines Illinois, so long ago hamburgers were still 15 cents and the store had archs.

Other than airports, and Newark now has a real Diner, I can't think of the last time I was in a McDonalds.

Anonymous said...

This is Cara's sister... Yes, I remember those trips to BK. I didn't like the chocolate shakes, so my mother let me get a small orange soda, presumably because it might be healthier than a Coke. (Did she think it had vitamin C??)Since we were rarely allowed soda and I was somewhat of a sugar fiend, I slurped that thing up like there was no tomorrow and became so bloated that I couldn't eat more than half my burger, and I always had a smaller appetite than Cara anyway. I would pick off the pickles, though, which I loved nearly as much as the orange soda.

I also remember occasional trips out for gyros (as my mother said, the best food is the messiest food) and stromboli. These days I'm not much for fast food but do enjoy some French fries maybe 3-4 times a year. Life's too short not to give in every now and then.

Izzy's Mama said...

Cara:So surprised to hear of your fondness for Burger King..you make it actually sound appealing!

NTSC: How could anything from McD.'s possibly compare to the meats you prepare?

Cara's sister: Funny but we didn't keep soda in our house (except for ginger ale as a therapeutic remedy) but orange soda was sanctioned when we were out. It must be the vitamin C theory.