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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Grass-Fed Beef: A Huge Sigh Of Relief

Our last experience with grass-fed beef left me somewhat troubled. There I sat, a huge proponent of grass-fed beef and yet I could barely finish one measly slider. I hated to admit it but it simply tasted too funky. Was it that I simply disliked the flavor or perhaps it was just that particular batch? Fingers were crossed for the latter.

In search of different sources of grass-fed beef, I encountered a neighbor, Y., who makes biannual trips to Sap Bush Hollow Farm in upstate New York. There she is able to satisfy all of her meat cravings and has been known to purchase $700 worth of meat at a time. Clearly this woman knows her cows (and her pigs).

When she informed me that she would be embarking upon one of her meat-buying trips to the farm, I jumped at the chance to get in on the action. I requested a couple of pounds of ground beef and a steak or two and she kindly obliged.

When I went to pick up the goods at her place, I even got a sneak peek of her dedicated meat freezer, where pounds of meat were stored. I felt like I was at a private market. The beef was $6.50 a pound and the steak was considerably more. Worth the price? I would soon find out.

After reading about the burgers in Paris, and hearing about J's evening of slider heaven (with grass-fed beef from yet another intriguing source) I had a craving for sliders. I couldn't wait to find out how this beef measured up.

Right away I noticed a difference. Raw from the package, it had a pleasing, meaty aroma rather than a funky smell. It was rosy pink in color with slightly darker discolorations which is normal.

I shaped several sliders from one pound of beef and grilled them for about 7 minutes. They were served medium, delicately pink on the inside. Izzy ate his while humming and giggling "trash fed beef" all the while.
The verdict: These sliders were far superior to my last batch, giving me renewed faith in all things grass-fed.

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Joseph Bayot said...

I hear Izzy's voice right now...TRASH FED BEEEF!

I wish I had lots of money to spend on quality meats, lots of dedication to go on meat-buying trips, and lots of space for a dedicated blast chiller...

Although, you shouldn't have faith in ALL things grass-fed because piggies don't dig the grass.