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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Trash-Fed Beef? Only The Finest At Our House

I have been buying organic, grass-fed beef from a couple of different purveyors for the past year or so. I have used it mainly for meatballs or meatloaf and have been quite pleased with the flavor.

Hamburgers have proven to be far more challenging. Not sure if it is the beef, the preparation or what. The first batch of burgers I made a few weeks ago from some beef I allowed to defrost on the counter. They tasted so odd I thought that perhaps the meat had become rancid. I could not finish mine and Izzy only ate a few bites of his. My husband finished his and we were all fine.

I made a second burger attempt just a few weeks later, this time with guests. I was embarrassed to discover that the meat had the same peculiar flavor. I looked over at my husband to see if he agreed. I wondered aloud why it was that this grass-fed beef simply did not appeal.

My husband, ever the comedian answered, "Trash-fed Beef..We feed our cows only the finest garbage..." INDEED!

But seriously, I don't believe that grass-fed beef should taste that way so I have bought some new beef to compare. This from Sap Bush Hollow Farm (Thank you Y!) Can't wait to see how it tastes.


Joseph Bayot said...

haha this is such a weird coincidence!

I just placed an order for some grass fed ground beef and I'm going to pick it up this friday at union square

Bobolink Dairy

It's my first time trying this place out. I have high hopes.

Anonymous said...

I've bought both Cheese and bread from Bobolink, not only are they not too far from where I live, but on Thursdays they are at the Lincoln Center Farmers Market, which is across the street from where I live.

Anonymous said...

That last sentence should be '...across the street from where I work.'

Izzy's Mama said...

Joseph: Bobolink cheese is deliciousbut very pricey. I had no idea you could order beef from them. Do tell!

NTSC: So great to have a greenmarket near home or work!

Mindful Momma said...

I've had the same issue with the grass fed beef - there's that certain flavor that I hate to admit I don't love....maybe it's an accquired taste? I'm curious to hear what you think of the new batch.

Anonymous said...

Allowing your meat to defrost on the counter is an invitation to food poisoning. Use the microwave if you didn't get it out of the freezer early enough to let it thaw in the fridge.

Izzy's Mama said...

Odd to find a comment so many years after this post.

We don't have a microwave and besides, people got on well without them and before their advent, meat was defrosted on counters without incident. Depending upon the weather,the counter works fine. I have never had a problem with that method in the past and as I only buy meat from local farms and markets I doubt I would have a problem with it. That being said, it is preferable to defrost in the fridge (which I do for the most part) or in cold water which I have also done with great success.