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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Anchovies Al Fresco: Messy Tales of Bryant Park Eating

This cool Spring day found us in Bryant Park. We went for the Carousel and ended up staying for 'Wichcraft. I haven't been to Bryant Park in ages and had no idea that it had acquired such a parisian feel, with all of the green tables and chairs scattered along the parameters of the lush green lawn. The carousel was perfectly adorable and best of all, turned at a turtle's pace instead of the dizzying speed of the one in Central Park. Izzy rode the frog, his second choice, since the bunny was "out of order". He then requested a second spin on one of the horses. Unlike me, he was less enthralled with the slower pace, though last year it would have been just right.

When our all to brief whirl on the carousel ended it was time to move on to the food segment of our day. I had something unusual in mind but when given the choice and despite the nippy weather, Izzy chose to stay at Bryant Park. The lure of the fountain and sunny tables was too strong. That was fine with me since I have always been a fan of the Craft empire. I had dined at the original 'Wichcraft when Izzy was still a tiny one. I loved the idea that "park" food could be fast, yet innovative,inviting and healthy and was interested to see if it was working out.

We ordered the Marinated white Anchovies, soft-cooked egg and roasted onion sandwich with frisee on country bread. Salty, soft, crunchy and sweet, this sandwich has it all. It is quite a combination. Problem is, this is NOT finger food. I had to hold the sandwich and feed Izzy bites since I didn't have a change of clothing available for him,nor did I have any wet naps.
Between the egg yolk, and oily onions we were both ready for a bath. Izzy began to complain he was cold and I momentarily regretted the decision to dine al fresco. We both perked up after I wiped us down with napkins and tissues and we left the park eating their signature chocolate creme cookies. Would I eat there again? Absolutely, just save that sandwich for take home and find a neater alternative.


Anonymous said...

I highly recommend the grilled cheese with ham and pear. I have it every time I go to wichcraft, and it's only about $6.

Izzy's Mama said...

Leland: Thanks for the tip. It certainly sounds like a neater option. It was just hard for Izzy to turn down white anchovies!