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Friday, April 20, 2007

Sushi Birthday To You..Sushi Birthday to You

After spending the better part of Wednesday afternoon preparing cupcakes with Izzy, I was hopelessly unprepared for birthday dinner on Thursday. I had some fuzzy idea that we would go for amazing pizza at Grimaldi's in Brooklyn but by the time he had tested out his new birthday bike (sans training wheels I proudly add), it was too late to make the trek. So I gave him a choice, pizza another night and sushi for birthday..he took the bait. Sushi it was.

Now Izzy has been indulging in vegetarian sushi with us since he was two but I had been rather hesitant about letting him eat the actual fish, no matter how much he begged. I worried that his tiny body would be unable to handle any possible parasites, not to mention the mercury and pollutants present in most seafood these days (one reasons we can't and won't eat sushi very often, which is sad because we love it so.) On this, his fourth birthday, despite my reservations, I decided it was finally time to initiate him into the wondrous world of raw fish. I don't know who was more pleased..We went to what I consider the best place for sushi in Jersey City, Komegashi Too, which is at Newport with a water view..Izzy insisted that he sit in a seat which faced the water.

To start we ordered what turned out to be some exceptional grilled asparagus with smoked tofu, a seaweed salad and some spicy squid creation that A. ate.

Then I selected a giant platter of sushi and special rolls. It included the Mi Amor roll with mango and tuna, yellowtail scallion roll, and assorted sushi like squid, octopus, mackerel and egg. Izzy was most keen on the tuna and mackerel sushi. He didn't really have that much room after having eaten all of the complementary edamame and the smoked tofu. He certainly did seem happy with the whole affair.

Afterwards, we skipped over to Babo, the Asian Teahouse and Gelateria for some Nutella and Panna Cotta gelato..will save that review for the warmer weather.

Thankfully, hopelessly unprepared turned out to be an impromptu introduction to sushi.

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Kelly Lindsey Isikoff said...

yeah, i love komegashi too! The exterior is so misleading that I walked by so many times and just this past month discovered the hidden gem with waterfront view...my fav spicy tuna