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Friday, April 27, 2007

What I'll Do For The Right Food

I awoke this morning with a laundry list of things to still buy for tomorrow's party. I was anticipating a sunny day for errands but instead I was faced with a dismal downpour. Should I just stick around J.C. and settle for second best or should I make the wet trek into NYC? That was the question.

I was leaning towards the former and then thankfully snapped out of it. I said to myself, "Why should a bit of rain bother me." So off I went. I had to get to Trader Joe's because after all, where else would I be able to find the perfect Lambrusco for the parents to sip with their pizza tomorrow? I was also in the market for a heap of organic strawberries which I had hoped to find for a decent price (I had actually seen some at Whole Foods the other day) but ended up finding them at Trader Joe's, along with most of the remaining items on my list except for organic heavy cream and organic popcorn kernels. Why doesn't Trader Joe's carry these items? Sometimes it seems there is no rhyme or reason to the products they carry. They have organic half and half but not heavy cream..is there a deeper meaning to this?

The rain seemed to subside a bit for the walk back to the PATH so I was quite pleased to have ventured out. It was a different story when I arrived in J.C, where it was pouring again. Even so, I managed to get myself and my prized groceries home without getting too drenched. Next question, how do I make it to Hoboken for the last two most important items on my last?

Stay tuned...and give me a ride!!


Anonymous said...

if I still lived in JC i'd give you a ride :) -- K

Bean's Mum said...

We are eating those WF organic strawberries today! The best cure for a rainy April day!