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Friday, April 20, 2007

A Moment with Martha and Me: Celebrity Ogling at the Hair Salon

So there I was, innocently having my hair glazed at the Eva Scrivo Salon this morning. I am often antsy in the slightly uncomfortable sink chairs, so I always attempt to peer out to see who and what is passing by as the glaze sets. Well my heart skipped a beat when I looked up to see Martha pass by. Yes THE Martha. Although I wasn't wearing my glasses I was fairly certain my eyes weren't deceiving me since it is well publicized that Martha is an Eva devotee. She often features Eva on her show. From the looks of Martha, it seemed that she was in need of some perking up and understandably so. Because no matter what you may think of Martha, she does work hard.

I was stuck to the chair, wildly wishing that I could have a clearer view of the scene. Out of the corner of my eye I could see her walk over to one of the uncomfortable salon sinks, one sink away from me. Imagine that, she endures the same discomfort that I do. Since I couldn't really look over, I tried to listen for the sound of her voice but the drone of hair dryers blocked it out.

When I was finally released from the chair to get my hair cut, I saw that she had been escorted to a chair that placed her with one empty chair between the two of us. Now I was able to get a better view and to ascertain that she wasn't a figment of my imagination. When she spoke the deal was clinched. I was brushing up (well sort of) with a domestic hero. I was rendered practically speechless or starstruck, imagining what I might say to her, if given the chance. Of course I knew it was terribly inappropriate. Instead I struck up a conversation about cupcakes with J.D., my stylist, secretly hoping that Martha might pipe in and ask me to join her show.

After all, I did let Izzy watch the Martha video which featured Billy Reece preparing the famed Billy's cupcakes. Better yet, we often peruse her website together. I admit, I am a huge Martha fan, especially since I used many of her wedding ideas. I also heartily recommend her Kids Magazine for recipes and art projects. And menu planning, look to Martha too! Why? I have never had a Martha recipe fail me.

Whatever her failings, she manages a vast empire of useful cooking information, which to me, is admirable. And as they say, take what works for you and leave the rest behind.


Anonymous said...

oh god, i would have been flabbergasted and tongue tied as well. I worship the woman!
Did she ever chime in about cupcakes?

Izzy's Mama said...

Ann- Unfortunately I was all but invisible to Martha who was involved in seemingly important calls over the din of the blow-dryer. Alas...