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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Bread and Pork At Last

Passover ended tonight at sundown. We had the good fortune to celebrate our return to bread with Grandma L. and Grandpa J...They took us to the Light Horse Tavern, an upscale restaurant in the Paulus Hook section of Jersey City. We have been there many times before but our last experience there over six months ago wasn't exemplary so we eased off for awhile.

The Light Horse can be characterized as American Bistro cuisine. It has a bustling wooden bar and it is housed in a restored 19th century building. We have dined there with Izzy on a regular basis. We always get a table with banquette seating, this way he can spread out his toys if he gets bored during the sometimes interminable meals.

Our meal began with some appetizers for the table. We nibbled on Mussels with Bacon Bits and Calamari "Sicilian Style". Izzy appreciated the flavors but the chewiness became to difficult for him so he concentrated on his bread until the main courses arrived.

I chose to end Passover with a pork extravaganza. Berkshire Pork Chop with Bacon bits on a bed of Spring vegetables. My chop was extra thick and meaty, juicy though not fatty. The vegetables were a bit too al dente for my tastes. Izzy had the English Pea Risotto with Mushrooms. The risotto was so buttery and cheesy that it was almost difficult to locate the grains of risotto within. Neither he nor I could stop spooning it up, even A. stuck his spoon in a few times.

We ended our meal with what was called "Blueberry Cake". A tiny cake arrived on an extra-long plate with a dollop of whipped cream and a tiny puddle of creme-anglaise beside it. It was light but could have used a few additional blueberries.

Overall it was a satisfying meal though its slow pace kept Izzy up way past his bedtime. Somehow he remained calm throughout and we made it home without incident.

n.b. They do have a "kid" menu..we never go near those but if you are so inclined...

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